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Regulatory Compliance

With LogSentinel SIEM your organization can cover many compliance requirements of various standards and regulations. Below is a non-exhaustive list with case studies and requirement mappings.

Regulations covered

  • GDPR - providing the ability not only to prevent data breaches, but to provide accountability, which is a core aspect of GDPR (whitepaper)
  • PSD2 - covering security requirements of PSD2 and those imposed by the European Baking Authority (EBA) (regulatory mapping)
  • AML Directive - ensuring traceability of each step in an AML process (case study)
  • NIS Directive - covering cybersecurity requirements that stems from transposing the Network and Information Security Directive (case study)
  • HIPAA - providing compliance with HIPAA security rule (regulatory mapping)
  • CCPA - covering the accountability aspects of CCPA (regulatory mapping, blog article)
  • GLBA - providing flexible reports to cover GLBA reporting requirements
  • SOX - providing flexible reports to cover SOX reporting requirements

Compliance reports

LogSentinel SIEM provides built-in compliance reports as well as the flexibility to extract and export data based on any criteria and timeframe. Reports are configured and execute from the Reports menu.