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Implementation Guide

Implementation is the hardest part of getting value out of a SIEM. It often involves a chaotic onboarding process, approvals from multiple departments, back-and-forth communication about permissions and integrations. LogSentinel SIEM provides templated implementation to streamline the process.

Project plan template

Once you specify your desired data sources, we automatically generate a project plan that includes:

  • Project timeline - giving estimates on each data source based on our experience
  • Infrastructure details - detailing the requirements for the LogSentinel Collector and agent based on organization size and expected volumes
  • Trainings - the scope and timeline of trainings

Integration templates and tracking

Each data source may require configurations and approvals from various stakeholders. The LogSentinel SIEM makes that easy by:

  • Automatically generating emails with links to the relevant documentation for configuring each data source
  • Tracking progress and highlighting delayed integration of sources that may require additional intervention and support

The functionality is available in the "Implementation" menu section, after the data sources are defined in the "Data sources" section.