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User Profile

Each user can configure their own profile via the "User profile" menu item. The user can:

  • Change email
  • Change name and position
  • Change language - the user interface is available in multiple languages (and can be translated into additional ones on-demand). Users can switch the UI language from here configured here. It can be increased or decreased to adjust the cost of the external service
  • Change timezone - by default the timezone is taken from the browser upon account creation. This can be changed (e.g. in case the user moves to a different timezone). The timezone affects the times on the dashboard
  • Change password - users can change their password by providing the old and and the new one
  • Change photo - the photo is optional and is only displayed to the user and to the system administrators
  • Enable 2FA - 2-factor authentication can be enabled. Google Authenticator or alternative 2FA apps can be used
  • Account deletion - depending on the organization settings, users can delete their account
  • Theme - a user can choose a theme for the UI. By default a light theme is used, but a dark theme is also supported